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Preventive Dentistry for All Ages in Phoenix, AZ

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Hi-Fi Dental provides dentistry for all ages in Phoenix, AZ. From routine cleanings and exams to preventive treatments such as dental sealants and fluoride treatments, Dr. Napoleon Gaither IV and his experienced team are here to help you and all members of your family achieve and maintain excellent oral health. To schedule an appointment, call 602-242-5445.

What Is Preventive Dentistry?

Preventive dentistry is what many people refer to as routine or general dental care. All preventive treatments and services aim to prevent problems such as gum disease, cavities, infections, and tooth damage due to teeth grinding or clenching. Moreover, comprehensive oral exams are an essential preventive service when it comes to early detection of serious oral health problems such as tumors, periodontal disease or oral cancer.  

At Hi-Fi Dental, Dr. Napoleon provides preventive dentistry from the youngest members of your family to the oldest members of your family, and everyone in between. As a technologically advanced dental practice, our office is equipped with the latest innovations in digital dentistry, including early cavity detection devices, and non-invasive oral cancer screening devices.

Benefits of Preventive Dentistry for All Ages

Preventive dental care helps to prevent oral health problems and maintain a beautiful smile. Treatments include benefits such as:

  • Early detection of changes in soft tissues of the mouth
  • Early detection of tumors or problems with the jaw bones
  • Plaque and tartar removal
  • Oral appliances prevent teeth grinding
  • Custom mouthguards protect the teeth while playing sports
  • Fluoride treatments strengthen children’s teeth
  • Dental sealants prevent the development of cavities

Preventive Dental Services and Procedures 
at Hi-Fi Dental

Hi-Fi Dental provides comprehensive preventive dental care to patients of all ages. Services, procedures, and treatments we provide include:

Comprehensive Oral Examinations

Comprehensive Evaluation

During an oral exam, Dr. Napoleon will examine the mouth for signs of decay, infection, disease, or changes in bone or tissue that may require further testing.

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Professional Dental Cleanings

Dental Cleaning

Dental cleanings remove plaque and tartar that cannot be removed with at-home brushing and flossing. Removing plaque and tartar is essential for preventing gum disease, tooth decay, and infections.

Dental Sealants

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are painless, noninvasive treatments that protect teeth with deep grooves, such as the molars, from developing cavities.

Fluoride Treatments

Flouride Treatment

Fluoride treatments help strengthen the enamel of teeth to prevent decay (cavities).

Custom Mouth Guards for Athletes


Custom mouth guards fit and protect the teeth more effectively than store-bought, one-size-fits-all mouth guards. Custom mouth guards are available at Hi-Fi Dental for all ages.

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Custom Night Guards for TMJ and Teeth Grinding

Custom Oral Appliances

Custom night guards (soft and hard) are available to eliminate pain in the jaw due to joint disorders and to prevent wear and tear on the teeth from grinding at night (bruxism).

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Vivera Retention Trays for Post-Orthodontic Treatment

Scaling and Root Planning

Vivera retention trays are clear, durable retainers that maintain tooth alignment following orthodontic treatment.

Why Choose Hi-Fi Dental?

Hi-Fi Dental provides tailored, compassionate dental care in a comfortable, welcoming setting. As an all-age dental practice, it is our profound honor to treat family members of all ages. Although we employ the very latest in dental technologies, devices, software, and techniques, we provide old-fashioned, personalized service to every patient.

If you experience fear or anxiety about seeing a dentist, please let us know. We offer safe, mild relaxation with nitrous oxide so that you can relax and receive the vital oral health care you need.

Hi-Fi Dental aims to make exceptional dental care available to all. We accept a wide variety of insurance plans, in addition to third-party financing. To help make regular oral health care affordable, we also offer an in-house dental membership plan that provides significant discounts on preventive care.

Frequently Asked Questions About Preventive Dentistry

How early does my child need to see a dentist?
Children should see a dentist once they get their first tooth, or by their first birthday. Establishing regular dental care early in life helps lay a foundation for lasting oral health.
How often do I need to go to the dentist?
Everyone should see the dentist at least every six months for regular preventive care. Often patients do require more frequent hygiene visits and that can be discussed with your dentist and hygienist. However, if you develop pain, swelling, bleeding, or a change in color to the gums, between regular appointments, schedule an appointment as soon as possible.
Are dental sealants safe?
Yes. dental sealants have been used for decades to prevent dental cavities. They are a painless, noninvasive “ paint on” preventive treatment, primarily for children.
Do teeth cleanings hurt?
Routine teeth cleanings should not cause any pain. If you are fearful of the tools used to clean the teeth, notify our team. Mild relaxation via nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is available.
Does insurance cover preventive treatments?
Preventive dental care is virtually always covered by dental insurance plans. However, the specific coverage amounts can vary according to the coverage you or your employer purchased. For the most accurate information, check your specific coverage limits with your carrier.
How long does a routine dental appointment take?
An oral exam and routine dental cleaning typically lasts not more than one hour.
Do you offer relaxation for dental care?
Yes. We offer nitrous oxide for patients who experience fear, worry, or anxiety about dental care. Other sedation options are available, please ask.
Do oral cancer screenings hurt?
At Hi-Fi Dental, we use an advanced, entirely painless oral cancer detection device called a Velscope. It uses a special light that helps detect irregularities or changes in oral tissue that may require further diagnosis.

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