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Save Your Smile Dental Plan

No Dental Insurance?

Dr. Napoleon is pleased to offer an in office Dental Benefits Program for patients who do not currently have dental coverage. This plan allows our patients to receive optimal dental care while maintaining oral health.

Advantages for Enrollment:

  • Significant Cost Savings for Preventive and Comprehensive Care
  • No Deductibles No Claims Filing No Frequency Limitations
  • No Waiting Periods No Maximums

Annual Cost:

Basic Membership:

$350 yearly

Dental Services Include:

  • Examinations: 2 per Benefit Period
  • Limited Examinations: 2 per Benefit Period
  • Dental Cleanings: 2 per Benefit Period (Prophylaxis or Perio maintenance)
  • Fluoride Applications: 1 per Benefit Period
  • All Necessary X-rays
  • Diagnosis
  • 20% off all Perio, Perio Scaling and Root Planing, Fillings and Oral Surgery
  • 30% off all Root Canal, Crown and Bridge, Dentures, Partials and Implants

Perio Plus Membership:

$600 yearly

Dental Services Include Basic Membership PLUS:

  • Dental Cleanings: 2 additional cleanings
  • Fluoride Applications: 2 per Benefit Period 


  • Benefits provided for one year from the date the plan is purchased.
  • Plan cannot be combined with other insurance plans, discounts, or promotions. Enrollment is not transferable.
  • Excludes All on 4 and Orthodontics
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