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Welcome to 
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As your oral health care provider, we are here to help you get your healthiest, most beautiful smile ever. We welcome any questions you may have about policies, technologies, or treatments. For answers to any questions, call 602-242-5445.

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Welcome to Hi Fi Dental
Meet Our DoctorDr. Napoleon Gaither

Meet Dr. Napoleon Gaither

Dr. Napoleon Gaither IV is a highly trained and experienced dentist who provides comprehensive, comfortable, and compassionate dental care for your whole family. Dr. Gaither’s empathetic, non-judgmental care is highly personalized to each patient. He and his team work tirelessly to ensure that every patient is empowered with knowledge about their own oral health. 

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At Hi-Fi Dental, we provide comprehensive dental care under one roof.

From routine, preventative oral health care to restorative dental care, cosmetic treatments, oral surgery and everything in between, we provide comprehensive dental care for your whole family. Capitalizing on the diagnostic and treatment capabilities of advanced dental technology, Dr. Napoleon Gaither and his experienced team at Hi-Fi Dental treat patients of all ages in Phoenix, AZ. To book an appointment call 602-242-5445.

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As your oral health care provider, we are here to help you get your healthiest, most beautiful smile ever, and offer a dental savings plan for patients without insurance. We welcome any questions you may have about policies, technologies, or treatments. 

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Hi-Fi Dental provides comprehensive oral care in Phoenix, AZ. Comprehensive dental treatments, procedures, and services include:

  • Preventive Oral Health Care - Preventive oral health care services include comprehensive oral examinations, professional cleanings, dental sealants, fluoride treatments, custom sports guards, and night guards.
  • Restorative Dental Treatments - Restorative treatments that return teeth to good health include tooth-colored fillings, dental crowns, dental bridges, dentures, and dental implants.
  • Cosmetic Dental Procedures - Cosmetic procedures that upgrade your smile include teeth whitening, Invisalign, porcelain and composite veneers, and cosmetic bonding.
  • Periodontal Treatments - To treat gum disease, Hi-Fi Dental provides scaling and root planing (deep cleanings), and laser bacterial reduction.
  • Oral Surgery - Oral surgeries performed by Dr. Napoleon includes bone grafts (to fortify the jaw prior to dental implants), dental implant surgery, and tooth extractions. 
  • Endodontics - Root canal therapy provided by Dr. Napoleon saves natural teeth by eradicating decay and treating infection. In most cases root canal therapy is followed with a dental crown to protect tooth structure.
  • Prosthodontics - For full mouth reconstructions or smile makeovers, Hi-Fi Dental offers custom prosthetics to replace missing teeth.
  • Advanced Technology - We capitalize on the power of proven dental technologies, including digital intraoral scanners, digital x-rays, iTero 3D scanners, NIRI imaging for cavity detection, Velscope oral cancer detection device, Diagnodent pens for early cavity detection, and more. 

For nervous, anxious, or fearful patients, nitrous oxide is available for relaxation.

Hi-Fi Dental is equipped with all of the latest dental technologies, software, and devices to improve diagnostic capabilities, ensure excellent oral health outcomes, and provide beautiful results. 

At Hi-Fi Dental you may rely on our experience, skill, and professionalism. Although Hi-Fi Dental is a modern dental practice equipped with all of the most advanced technologies to make your oral health care comfortable, affordable, and successful, we are also a locally, privately owned, family-style business. We enjoy getting to know our patients and their families and prioritize the best interests of our patients in all that we do.

Hi-Fi Dental accepts a variety of insurance plans. If you don't have dental insurance we offer an inhouse membership program that offers significant discounts on routine and restorative dental treatments. We accept all major credit cards, Apple Pay, and third-party financing including CareCredit and Lending Club.

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We strive to empower patients with knowledge about their own oral health. Poor oral health is linked to many chronic, serious medical conditions, and we aim to provide useful education and information at every appointment. Our website also provides details about the various treatments we provide, and we encourage all patients to read and share helpful information with others. For answers to any questions, call 602-242-5544.

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At our Phoenix practice, Hi-Fi Dental serves patients from Alhambra, North Mountain, Encanto, Camelback East, Biltmore, and the greater Phoenix metro area. Call 602-242-5544 to schedule an appointment.