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3 Key Benefits of an Electric Toothbrush

June 24, 2024
3 Key Benefits of an Electric Toothbrush

You may have heard that there are oral health benefits of using an electric toothbrush. Your dentist may have recommended that you get one, or you may have seen them advertised and thought maybe it could make your dental hygiene routine a little easier. Whatever the reason, here are 3 key benefits of an electric toothbrush. 

1.Removes More Plaque. 

Many studies have been conducted on the use of electric toothbrushes, and they unanimously show that they are more effective at removing plaque than manual ones. Plaque is a sticky film made of food residue and bacteria that clings to the teeth. When it is not removed by brushing and regular dental cleanings, plaque can cause tooth decay (cavities) and gum disease (a bacterial infection of the gum tissue). Electric toothbrushes can help to prevent tooth decay and gum disease by removing more plaque from the teeth each time it is used.  

2.Provides Even Pressure. 

One of the aspects of proper brushing technique that is the most difficult to learn is the amount of pressure to apply. If you brush too gently you may not effectively remove plaque from your teeth. If you brush too vigorously, you can irritate your gums and cause them to recede (pull away from your teeth). But an electric toothbrush allows you to apply even pressure across all of your teeth. You simply hold the toothbrush against your teeth, turn it on, and move it across your teeth while it does the work. 

3.Preserves Your Natural Teeth. 

Using an electric toothbrush increases the chances that your natural teeth will remain healthy. By reducing plaque buildup on the teeth, you are reducing the chances of tooth decay and gum disease, both of which can result in the need for restorative procedures to repair the teeth and eventually loss of the teeth. Preserving your natural teeth allows you to chew food, speak properly, and avoid expensive dental prosthetics. 

What Electric Toothbrush Should I Buy? 

There are many different brands and models of electric toothbrushes. They work in different ways and have differently shaped brush heads from round to rectangular. Some move in a circular motion and others move back and forth. The best type of electric toothbrush for you may depend on your individual needs. Talk to your dentist and ask for a recommendation for the best brand and model of toothbrush to specifically address your oral health concerns. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Electric Toothbrushes

Is it safe to use an electric toothbrush every day? 

Electric toothbrushes are designed to be used daily. Most dentists recommend that you brush your teeth twice a day, and it is fine to use your electric toothbrush both times. 

Do I still need to floss if I use an electric toothbrush? 

Flossing is still important. Even though an electric toothbrush removes more plaque from the surface of the teeth, it still can’t reach the spaces between the teeth like floss can. 

Learn More About Brushing From Hi-Fi Dental 

If you are interested in getting an electric toothbrush or you’re wondering if it would be right for you, talk to the experts at Hi-Fi Dental. We can discuss your individual oral health needs and make a recommendation for the right type of toothbrush and oral care routine for you. 

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